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-*}RAC{*-Franc-Maçonnerie -*}RAC{*-Franc-Maçonnerie

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Brilliant piece man. From the first chord I could tell it was French in nature so you are spot on representing a country. You've also got a very interesting research/bio as well, you can tell you were very committed.

I love that melody at 0:42 onwards, it's really cool and funny enough makes me remember Final Fantasy IX at times (maybe that's just me). I also like the smooth section from 1:56 onwards. Just one little criticism is that at times I don't think each section moves into each other as smoothly as they possibly could have but nevertheless all the melodies and sections are cool by themselves.

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camoshark responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed!

I'm also glad you immediately recognized it as french, it's a sign I did it right!

As for the transitions, it's what's been bugging me since day one, I didn't manage to make them fit enough to not feel weird. I've got a couple ideas that could improve this, but the project file is so heavy it'd be a pain to do those modifications, export, convert and upload again (the mp3 itself is 10.8 MB, you can imagine the WAV file...)

In any case, thanks again for the feedback, I'll be sure to review your's once I get the chance!

Samuel Hébert

Maurya Thunder - RAC'12 Maurya Thunder - RAC'12

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just to repeat myself it's still got an amazing production quality and originality to it.

The vocals and wee flute samples that have been added since the preview are brilliant as well and really continue to build on the Indian atmosphere.

Ignoring the fact that this is for a competition have you even thought about maybe making more music like it? Generic dubstep as I'm sure you know is starting to get a bit mundane these days, but it's songs and people like you brining in other elements that are giving it a real kick up the ass and bringing back some creativity to it. I've just noticed you've got an EP up for free which I'm definitely going to check out, but if you ever decide to make one with dubstep more in this kind of style be sure to shoot me a PM about it.

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AKACCMIOF responds:

Thanks very much man :) I think the Goa- Dubstep fusion is pretty solid, and I'll be sure to pester you as and when I get another track out :)

Thanks for the support man, it really motivates :)

RAC2012-India PRVW RAC2012-India PRVW

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing preview man!

As a guy who plays a whole bunch of stringed instruments the sitar is one i've never been able to get a go on or compose for. Are you using a VST for the sitar and if so you wouldn't mind telling me what it is please?

The production is fantastic and overall it's a really creative and original piece (oriental dubstep - brilliant) so i've no doubt you will do well in this wee composition and put my piece to shame.

Personally I would have loved it even if it was a 1:36 chilled-out piece because the ambience/atmosphere in those opening 14 seconds is insane.

4.5/5 simply because it's not the finished product yet.

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AKACCMIOF responds:

Oh its only a VST (Logic's EXS24 + Sitar samples) :P In terms of writing I just did the typical Indian drone thing of revolving the writing around the sa and pa (1st and 5th), so I doubt its beyond your writing ability! :P

Thanks man,you throw a whole load of undeserved compliments my way, but I'm very grateful and not complaining! As far as the competition goes, I a) doubt that in the next few weeks you won't have something out showcasing your abilities to at LEAST the level I've gotten this to, and b) I'll be disappointed if the competition turns out to be anything but a big bunch of surprises as the audio portal shows its world music credentials!

Full version is out now, (probably gonna PM you pestering you to listen anywho!) and I'd love it if you'd have a listen and possibly leave some creative crit before the deadline draws nearer!

Lots of thanks for a very encouraging and supportive review